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Automate Training Workflows to Stamp Out Administrivia

Can I do it in CloudShare? Yes, you can!

As the demands on your technical training organization continue to grow, no doubt you are looking for new and effective ways to focus on delivering superior training – not on all the administrative tasks surrounding it. If only you could make your various productivity tools work together so that the daily “administrivia” could take care of itself...

Good news... you can!

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Ready to see your Company on that Podium?

Learn how to turn your trainers into Olympic champions!


The trainer behind the athlete

Usually we see the athletes as the Olympics champions, and they rightfully deserve that title. But we so often leave behind their coaches, the ones training them for years on end to get them to accomplish their goals, withstand the pressure and eventually get on that podium and hear the applause.

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E-Learning Benefits - The Answer to Your Training Needs

The Answer to your Training Needs: Let them Learn Anywhere Anytime

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How To Stop Wasting Time & Money On Employee Training

How to stop wasting time and money on employee training

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Cloud Sales Training - The Future of Training Sales People

Onboarding new sales people will be much faster with cloud-based training

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Employee Training Methods & Which One Is Right For You?

Employee training techniques and how to choose the right one for you

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Cloud-Based Training Advantages | Cloudshare

The 7 pitfalls of using on-premise training labs


Once upon a time, in our galaxy, very, very close by, the greatest training innovations were power-point presentations that laid out the main parts of a lesson in a clear manner.

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