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Bring the Power of CloudShare to your Internal Network!

The Power of CloudShare's Hybrid Cloud 

This is a small account of how a need from our users, even CloudShare employees, become new features. CloudShare, believe it or not, uses CloudShare to test CloudShare. Sound crazy? Read this old post.

Recently, different teams in CloudShare (Development,QA and IT) wanted to communicate between VMs running in the CloudShare Data Center and our office’s internal network. For example, we had a developer who wanted to use the Office GIT server seamlessly from a machine in CloudShare and an IT engineer who wanted to test different product configurations on our Cloud environment in the same way. This need quickly turned into a new feature for you!

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Achieving Advanced Functionality with your Virtual Lab

Cloudshare's cloud-based environments house a number of hidden gems that can further simplify your virtual lab setup process and help you deliver your solutions even faster then before. Let's dive right in!

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Simplifying DevOps for Complex Enterprise Projects

Sanej Bandgar manages Deloitte Canada’s Enterprise Information Management Systems team. His team delivers technology that enables strategic changes for Deloitte’s worldwide client base.

The former valedictorian of the Mumbai University School of Computer Engineering, Sanej has built an impressive career as an ECM expert with deep domain knowledge of OpenText, LiveLink, Microsoft & SAP systems.

Using CloudShare’s virtual IT infrastructure platform, Sanej’s team built a cloud based DevOps environment where his geographically distributed team could connect tools to application environments and share progress with clients via the cloud, “anytime, anywhere”. The result was instant feedback, faster development cycles on complex enterprise projects and higher quality products!

Congratulations, Sanej and Happy CloudSharing!

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Celebrate Innovation in Infrastructure and win $1500!

Seventy Years Ago...

John Von Neumann demonstrated how data and programs could be stored in the same memory, created the first electronic stored-program computer, and laid the groundwork for incredible changes to come in the second half of the century.

John Von Neumann with the stored-program computer

at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, in 1945. 

Alan W. Richards/Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University

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Cloud Checklist: 10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing your Cloud Testing Lab Provider

Business groups across the enterprise are competing for, or lack access to, IT lab resources customized for their specific objectives. For application development and software testing groups especially, access to IT resources and expertise is a major challenge. According to Gartner,* “through 2015, only 10% of I&O (Infrastructure & Operations) organizations will be able to deliver the speed of change required by the business processes they enable.”

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Vmware ESXI Nested Virtualization

One of the benefits of Nested virtualization is running multiple hypervisors on the same host server. This includes ESXi hypervisors , which can be installed as a virtual machines. The solution, commonly referred to as Nested ESXi, opens the door to a lot of interesting use cases such as development and testing, virtual training, or virtual sales demos.


Although the concept of Nested virtualization is not limited to VMware, it is by far the most popular hypervisor. For that reason I decided to focus my article on the VMware hypervisor.


In this article, I am going to answer some common questions, discuss performance and common use-cases, provide a short walkthrough on how to enable a Nested ESXi and provide a list of CloudShare’s preconfigured ESXi environments.


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How BrightStarr Drastically Reduced IT Overhead by Moving to the Cloud


Amadeo Gallardo is a self-taught software developer and is currently the Director of Engineering and Consulting at Brighstarr Consulting. He works with many of the world’s most demanding enterprises – from Linklaters to Unisys to Siemens.

He is also a professional jazz musician and has performed in many well known venues including the Queen Victoria. If you're a fan of jazz (and even if you're not!) take a look at Amadeo's mesmerizing jazz concert clip :


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