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9 Tips for Sales Engineers to Master the Art of Presentations

What's the million dollar question? Well, there are a couple… but for now let's focus on one: What makes a brilliant sales engineer?

The simple answer is a combination of sales skills and technical knowledge of your product. But in fact, there's a lot more to this delicate balance than meets the eye, and a brilliant sales engineer is one who knows how to play both chords simultaneously, along with one more, often overlooked, requirement: presentation soft skills.

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CloudShare Introduces Enhanced Customization of Student Invitations

With CloudShare, trainers send just the right message

CloudShare is pleased to introduce an enhancement to our industry-leading suite of tools for IT training labs. By providing training professionals with the advanced class management and virtual training features they need, our specially tailored toolset takes virtual IT training labs to a whole new level.

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Automate Training Workflows to Stamp Out Administrivia

Can I do it in CloudShare? Yes, you can!

As the demands on your technical training organization continue to grow, no doubt you are looking for new and effective ways to focus on delivering superior training – not on all the administrative tasks surrounding it. If only you could make your various productivity tools work together so that the daily “administrivia” could take care of itself...

Good news... you can!

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Ready to see your Company on that Podium?

Learn how to turn your trainers into Olympic champions!


The trainer behind the athlete

Usually we see the athletes as the Olympics champions, and they rightfully deserve that title. But we so often leave behind their coaches, the ones training them for years on end to get them to accomplish their goals, withstand the pressure and eventually get on that podium and hear the applause.

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E-Learning Benefits - The Answer to Your Training Needs

The Answer to your Training Needs: Let them Learn Anywhere Anytime

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Sales Technologies: Are They Just a Waste Of Money?

Are Sales Technologies Just a Waste of Money?

Not all technological leaps are leaps forward. Some can even be deceiving in their alleged benefits to business and mankind. Take lead for example. It was once widely and cheaply used in nearly every corner of the infrastructure industry, from paint to pencils, and touted by scientists as healthy cheap. Just a few short decades later, most societies are grappling with the difficult challenge of eradicating the dangerous substance.

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How to Be a Great Salesman: Habits Of Sales Engineers

3 habits of Successful Sales Engineers

"How does Bob do it?" you ask yourself. He's been outperforming you and all the other sales engineers for years now. What's he got that you don't? Well... probably nothing. Being a successful sales engineer just isn't that easy. There are many factors that contribute to your successes or failures on the job and there is no rulebook via which progress is inevitable.

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