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Make that Business Application cool again!

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Do you have enough fingers to count the number of “Systems” in your organization?  These systems, lovingly called Line of Business applications, or LOBs for short, are critical for daily work.  But the software and infrastructure powering them are often very complex mixtures of on-premise apps and cloud tools.  And they are hard to change.  When someone has a great idea on how to improve processes, how do you begin?

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Alex Entrekin

How to Write Successful Technical Blog Content

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The CloudShare community is one year old!  Thank you for reading and sharing your comments and questions.

At the beginning of 2012, we started the CloudShare Community blog to help us tell the story of how people are using CloudShare, engage in conversations with you, and keep customers up-to-date on our new features, products and services. We’ve seen it as a golden opportunity to learn more from our readers and allow you to tell us exactly what you’re interested in. We enjoy sharing knowledge and experience with you and the community at large.

Through the blog we’ve been able to reach a diverse audience worldwide. We have grown the monthly number of visitors to our blog by 1266% (that’s not a typo)!

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Step-By-Step Guide to Installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Server

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We get a lot of requests for templates that include Microsoft Dynamics stack. Recently, we published a new template containing Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management product. Dynamics CRM features help you to optimize your sales efforts, manage your marketing opportunities and improve your service. Dynamics CRM is user friendly, easy to customize and has great integration with Microsoft Outlook.

I’ve decided to document the installation process and as usual, you can save yourself some time by grabbing this permalink where I’ve already done the work!

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