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Cloud-Based Training Advantages | Cloudshare

The 7 pitfalls of using on-premise training labs


Once upon a time, in our galaxy, very, very close by, the greatest training innovations were power-point presentations that laid out the main parts of a lesson in a clear manner.

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The Advantages of E-Learning | CloudShare

Why cloud-based learning?

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When is The Right Time to Offer a Sales Demo?

When is the right time to offer a sales demo? 4 tips

Good luck finding the sweet spot - that perfect time to give a potential client a live product sales demo. There is no formula for this important step and presenting your sales demo too early or too late could be the difference between a sale and a loss. Sales engineers need to be flexible, patient and prepared, as each customer requires a slightly different approach that can evolve over time.

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Bring the Power of CloudShare to your Internal Network!

The Power of CloudShare's Hybrid Cloud 

This is a small account of how a need from our users, even CloudShare employees, become new features. CloudShare, believe it or not, uses CloudShare to test CloudShare. Sound crazy? Read this old post.

Recently, different teams in CloudShare (Development,QA and IT) wanted to communicate between VMs running in the CloudShare Data Center and our office’s internal network. For example, we had a developer who wanted to use the Office GIT server seamlessly from a machine in CloudShare and an IT engineer who wanted to test different product configurations on our Cloud environment in the same way. This need quickly turned into a new feature for you!

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Achieving Advanced Functionality with your Virtual Lab

Cloudshare's cloud-based environments house a number of hidden gems that can further simplify your virtual lab setup process and help you deliver your solutions even faster then before. Let's dive right in!

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5 Sales Technologies That Will Make Sales Easier

Five new sales ops technologies to make your life easier


Yes, you probably feel like you’re preparing for the first manned mission to Mars with all the technological leaps you have to keep up with. How did we go from yelling about your product on a busy street corner to remotely transferring a product that only exists in the cloud, to a client who's paid money that only exists as numbers on a computer screen?

The whole process may feel overwhelming at times, but it also comes hand in hand with the excitement of being a pioneer. Hopefully these five new techs in the world of software sales will guide your exploration - see you on the other side!

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Types of Employee Training – Latest Trends | Cloudshare

7 Types of Employee Training Trends For 2016

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