Setting Up a Virtual Classroom

By Moran Shayovitch |   Feb 7, 2016 6:55:58 AM

Create a Virtual Training Environment that is Identical to the Best Local Classroom Experience

Anyone involved in training knows full well the benefits of giving instructions remotely. The tool that often comes to mind for organizing online classes is web conferencing. At first sight, this seems to fit the bill but when taking a closer look, it becomes clear these tools only provide part of the overall solution required; an instructor that has gone along this path will know that while web conferencing has come to be the standard for demonstrations and webinars, it doesn't address the more tricky challenges of managing and conducting courses, such as simulating a physical classroom experience or creating computing environments.

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How to Deliver Software Sales Demos and POCs- Explained in 90 Seconds!

By Alex Entrekin |   Jan 18, 2016 8:54:17 AM

Streamline the Lengthy Enterprise Software Sales Cycle 

CloudShare’s marketing team is at it again! After the success of our remarkable virtual training solution video, our marketing wizards managed to not just brilliantly explain CloudShare’s cloud solution for software sales demos and pocs , nor do it in only 1:30 minutes, but also solely create an amazing video to bolster our message!

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Simplifying DevOps for Complex Enterprise Projects

By Moran Shayovitch |   Dec 3, 2015 6:38:09 AM

Sanej Bandgar manages Deloitte Canada’s Enterprise Information Management Systems team. His team delivers technology that enables strategic changes for Deloitte’s worldwide client base.

The former valedictorian of the Mumbai University School of Computer Engineering, Sanej has built an impressive career as an ECM expert with deep domain knowledge of OpenText, LiveLink, Microsoft & SAP systems.

Using CloudShare’s virtual IT infrastructure platform, Sanej’s team built a cloud based DevOps environment where his geographically distributed team could connect tools to application environments and share progress with clients via the cloud, “anytime, anywhere”. The result was instant feedback, faster development cycles on complex enterprise projects and higher quality products!

Congratulations, Sanej and Happy CloudSharing!

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1:42-Minute Video: What is CloudShare's Virtual Training Lab Solution?

By Moran Shayovitch |   Nov 9, 2015 4:07:06 AM

How to Move from On-Site Software Training to Virtual Training Sessions 

Software Training Instructors. Training Lab Managers. Business Education and Learning Directors.

You have spent years mastering the craft, developing your curriculum, customizing the software, leading software training classes... But you know all too well that learning technical skills requires a lot more than memorizing concepts. Students need hands-on experience using tools themselves. Comfort with these tools often comes only after some safe, self-paced experimentation. That's why software training is so crucial to adoption – it’s a safe place to test and learn. 

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Celebrate Innovation in Infrastructure and win $1500!

By Zvi |   Nov 2, 2015 3:00:00 PM

Seventy Years Ago...

John Von Neumann demonstrated how data and programs could be stored in the same memory, created the first electronic stored-program computer, and laid the groundwork for incredible changes to come in the second half of the century.

John Von Neumann with the stored-program computer

at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, in 1945. 

Alan W. Richards/Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University

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Before you Commit: Key Questions to Ask any Cloud Training Vendor

By Moran Shayovitch |   Nov 2, 2015 9:07:00 AM

How to Move from On-Site Training to Virtual Training Environments

The popularity of online training environments is gaining rise. 

While in-person training workshops and classroom-style training continue to be the most common forms of training, online training methods, such as virtual learning environments, are becoming increasingly more common. In a recent survey conducted by InterCall Digital Media Services, more than half of respondents responded that they have been trained with interactive online courses (56%) or online resource centers (53%). As tech-savvy millennials continue to fill our increasingly global workforce, it’s likely on-line training will continue to grow in popularity.


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3 Factors Every Cloud Training Provider Must Offer

By Moran Shayovitch |   Oct 26, 2015 12:00:00 AM

In last week's blog post, "Best Practices for Choosing a Cloud Training Service Provider", we introduced the successful habits of software and IT trainers who have successfully chosen a cloud based training vendor. We introduced their strategy which revolves around three pillars and focused the blog post on the first pillar, Delivering a Complete Cloud Based Training Center. In this week's post, we'll look at the second pillar, "Choosing Cloud Architecture that Scales" and illustrate the important factors to request when approaching your cloud based training provider.


Let's take a look below.

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