Templates are on the menu! (where they always were)

Posted by Alex Entrekin on Nov 20, 2014 1:00:08 AM

Today we made a simple change – public availability of environment templates. This means you can search and access all of our environment templates directly from the Showcase. If you already have a Team or Enterprise subscription, you already have access to the full list.

But if you are new to CloudShare, you might wonder:

  • What are my options for testing environments...?
  • Or demo environments...?
  • And do you have a ______ template?
  • Or a preconfigured ______ machines?

Of course we do, and now you can search for them here. And if there is something you need that we do not yet have, let us know! Read below about environment templates, and how you can get involved.

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Build, Test, Repeat!

Posted by Alex Entrekin on Nov 12, 2014 10:12:18 AM

Building test environments should be easy -- not just simple if it's a simple configuration, or simple for experienced IT. When on-premise infrastructure, legacy code, and new projects are involved, building and testing becomes complicated. Thankfully, CloudShare and its users have been solving these problems for a long time.

Each week, CloudShare's solutions team and inquisitive users discuss their solutions in a weekly webinar. Together, we cover topics like synching on-premise networks and the cloud, simple methods for (moving closer to) continuous integration, and more.

Some Common Questions:

  • Can I work in secure offline setting with a CloudShare environment?
  • Can I connect to an on-premise network and it’s directories?
  • We want to move to nightly builds, how can you help?
  • How can my work be moved to a production environment?

Read below to learn about this week's topic: "hybrid clouds".

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SharePoint 2013 & SharePoint Online: How many site templates do I have available?

Posted by Juan Carlos on Oct 25, 2014 4:22:13 AM

A common decision we have to take when we need to create a Site Collection or a Site in SharePoint 2013 OnPremises or SharePoint Online is about the base site template we are going to use to start modeling a specific site. One of the aspects where SharePoint 2013 OnPremises has “some advantage” compared with SharePoint Online is on the number of site templates we have available in each case: SharePoint OnPremise has more site templates than SharePoint Online.

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Test Full Production Systems without Touching Production Data!

Posted by Alex Entrekin on Oct 20, 2014 9:23:38 AM

Where to Begin, How to Begin?
When developers need to start playing with new technologies, or testing against requirements, they can't just begin. Setting up in preparation for a new deployment requires both time and effort: Machines, OS versions, frameworks… It all needs to be arranged, provisioned and/or reserved. This can take much longer than the actual test, and often yields a much higher error rate.

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How CloudShare Helps the Sharepoint Community

Posted by Pramod Attarde on Oct 17, 2014 8:01:16 AM

Cloud computing providers should help the community. With ability to create, replicate and share a fully functional environment CloudShare does just that. It provides complete support for creating, replicating and managing SharePoint environments. This and a few other things make CloudShare the leader in the SharePoint market.

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Introducing More Powerful, Flexible CloudShare!

Posted by Zvi on Oct 6, 2014 9:44:29 AM

Dear CloudSharers!

We are happy to announce a significant service enhancement to all CloudShare customers. Our goal is to provide developers, testers and managers with a cloud platform that is easy to operate, transparently priced and cost effective.

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SharePoint: How To re-start SharePoint Timer Service using PowerShell / Custom Code!

Posted by Juan Carlos on Sep 30, 2014 4:21:06 AM

In this article I will show you how to re-start al the instances of the SharePoint Timer Service in a SharePoint farm by means of PowerShell and the Server Side Object Model. Both approaches are quite similar as you will see in the code. Let's start :-).

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