Why Students Love Learning via the Cloud

Posted by Moran Shayovitch on Jun 18, 2015 4:18:00 AM


Ten of thousands of students and corporate trainees worldwide are today getting virtual technical training online via cloud based training platforms.
These students are getting valuable hands-on experience using real, full-functioning applications, they are learning the required technical skills with safe, self-paced experimentation and are enjoying additional numerous benefits of online training. 

Why do students love learning via the cloud? Below are four great reasons.

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Get more out of your sales engineer - without the leg work

Posted by Moran Shayovitch on Jun 7, 2015 9:21:00 AM



Are you spending time shipping and installing dozens of specialized hardware units, getting on planes to remote sites, configuring servers, wrangling with logistics and dealing with the challenges of gaining access to data centers, networks and equipment


If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you are wasting countless dollars and time


Leading technology vendors are adopting new best practices, utilizing novel technologies that take advantage of developments in cloud computing and virtualization and are shifting their software sales demos and pocs to virtual IT lab environments.

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“Out of this World Corporate Virtual Training, Wherever You Are”

Posted by Alex Entrekin on Jun 1, 2015 8:21:00 AM


CloudShare powers thousands of software training sessions each month,from large-scale events to impromptu meetups and online classes. June’s “User of the Month”, Marshall Butler, has used this flexibility to build a business that goes “Out of this World” to consistently lead Microsoft training firms.
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Conventional Vs. Cloud – Why Is Cloud-Based Training So Popular?

Posted by Moran Shayovitch on May 21, 2015 9:40:00 AM


The popularity of online training over the cloud is gaining rise. According to elearningindustry.com, cloud-based training is one of the top seven future eLearning technologies. Why have cloud virtual training platforms become so popular?  We’ve compiled a comparison below of conventional classroom training platforms to virtual cloud based training platforms, to illustrate how they differ.


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Laboratory in the Sky? Why Cloud Based Labs Are Replacing Conventional Ones

Posted by Moran Shayovitch on May 13, 2015 8:35:00 AM


Learning technical skills requires a lot more than memorizing concepts. Students need hands-on experience using tools themselves. Comfort with these tools often comes only after some safe, self-paced experimentation. That's why technical lab work is so crucial to adoption – it’s a safe place to test and learn. 


Unfortunately, many organizations have limited lab access due to time, space and financial constraints.


Enter the cloud. Cloud-based labs are becoming prevalent in organizations around the world, replacing on-site labs. Cloud-based labs reduce training expenses, allow instructors to remotely monitor the progress of all students, and enable students to use the facilities both before the course begins and after its completed.  


Read on to find out how Cloud-based training labs can improve your training program. 


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How to create a Choice Site Column in a SharePoint site with PowerShell

Posted by Juan Carlos on May 11, 2015 6:57:00 AM

This time I am sharing a small script that allows to create a choice site column through PowerShell. As you can see, the way to create this type of column is the same as if you use the SharePoint server API in a Console Application program in Visual Studio. You can download the script from the following link: How to create a Choice Site Column in a SharePoint Site!

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How To Build & Clone A Virtualized (ESXi) Environment

Posted by Moran Shayovitch on May 2, 2015 2:57:00 AM

CloudShare's secure on-demand labs house thousands of enterprise set-ups, from "simple" web apps to multi-tier monoliths. In our new "User of the Month" section, we will share what's behind the firewall in these environments, and what makes our most interesting users love CloudShare's on demand environments.  


Our first "User of the Month" is Aaron Yarnal, a security consultant who used CloudShare to test gateway security for a California hospital with 20,000 network users. Aaron built and cloned a virtualized (ESXi) environment, safely tested filtering tools, and upgraded 10 hardened appliances -- while staying well within the hospital's security regulations.

Congratulations! Learn how he did it below!

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