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10 simple steps for converting traditional training courses into effective VILT programs

Better late than never-
How to convert traditional classroom content to effective hybrid training (VILT) in 10 steps

What's the biggest mistake in converting classroom training into the virtual environment?

A moment before you dive into your first VILT course, you might want to consider what not to do:

DO NOT copy-paste your original classroom course!

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Cloud Based Enterprise Training – Everything You Need to Know

The global market for eLearning reached $107 billion dollars in 2015. With an annual expansion of
 9.2%, compound growth in this market is expected to continue for years to come. And, within this,
online corporate training is expected to be among the fastest growing sectors—LinkedIn’s 2015 acquisition of corporate training platform Lynda for $1.5 billion is testament to the sector’s potential. Corporate training is increasingly provided via the cloud, and represents a huge opening to training companies.

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9 Vital Practices to Boost Staff Performance with VILT

Your students are bored and drowsy?
Here are 9 vital practices to make an effective VILT they will LOVE!

It seems developing an engaging training program for employees is getting more and
more difficult due to the way organizations are now built: with global expansion came scattered staff in remote locations, making training sessions a challenging task. If engaging students was a tough job before- it seems almost impossible now…

But there's a new show in town, and it's already changing the way we deliver corporate virtual training and learning.

9 Tips for Sales Engineers to Master the Art of Presentations

What's the million dollar question? Well, there are a couple… but for now let's focus on one: What makes a brilliant sales engineer?

The simple answer is a combination of sales skills and technical knowledge of your product. But in fact, there's a lot more to this delicate balance than meets the eye, and a brilliant sales engineer is one who knows how to play both chords simultaneously, along with one more, often overlooked, requirement: presentation soft skills.

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IT Training Labs by CloudShare

With CloudShare, trainers send just the right message

CloudShare is pleased to introduce an enhancement to our industry-leading suite of tools for IT training labs. By providing training professionals with the advanced class management and virtual training features they need, our specially tailored toolset takes virtual IT training labs to a whole new level.

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Automated Virtual Classroom Training Management System by CloudShare

Can I do it in CloudShare? Yes, you can!

As the demands on your technical training organization continue to grow, no doubt you are looking for new and effective ways to focus on delivering superior virtual classroom training – not on all the administrative tasks surrounding it. If only you could make your various productivity tools work together so that the daily “administrivia” could take care of itself...

Good news... you can!

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How to knock down your potential customers with a killer tech sales demo

Let's assume you're an awesome sales engineer! But is that enough to make a successful sales demo?

Let's face it-supercloudshare.jpg

You guys probably have the hardest job on the sales team. You have to have domain and product expertise, you need to attain sales and communication skills- in fact, you're the one in charge of representing the technical aspects of how your product solves specific customer problems.

In short? You're the rock star of sales meetings.

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