Announcing the Newest Additions to CloudShare's Pre-Configured Virtual Machine Environment Templates!

By Juan Carlos |   Oct,19,2015

Today’s post was written by Juan Carlos González , SharePoint MVP and CloudShare Guest Blogger.


Those of you who know me, know that I have being using CloudShare's virtual machine pre-configured environments since 2010 (if I remember correctly). The preconfigured VM templates have helped me to easily and quickly set up all of my lab and demo environments around the latest Microsoft products and technologies such as SharePoint (my passion), SQL Server or Visual Studio.


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Best Practices for Choosing a Cloud Training Service Provider [Free Virtual Training Buyer's Guide]

By Moran Shayovitch |   Oct,12,2015

Up until a few years ago, on-site training was the only method available for organizations in need of carrying out their corporate training sessions. The advent of cloud computing has changed this drastically and has brought about exceptional benefits such as instant worldwide scale, cost control and a direct connection with students. According to McKinsey, “Between 2010 and 2015 alone, cloud computing spending has skyrocketed from $10 billion to $85 billion.”

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more organizations are shifting to cloud-based technical training sessions. To name a few, Dow Chemical has successfully made the shift and reduced their corporate training costs by 88% by switching to cloud computing training . As a direct link, there has been a surge in the demand for cloud vendors offering virtual training platforms. But with so many options, it has become more challenging for software and technical trainers to choose a cloud training provider that best fits their needs.

To help you find your way through this jungle of options, we turned to software and IT trainers who have successfully made their buying decisions, and asked them to share and highlight the key success criteria for the different stages in the evaluation process. You can view the full guide in our new whitepaper, “Virtual Training Labs: The Cloud Buyer’s Guide”.
Let’s get started! 

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How IT-Logix Engages Event Attendees with Virtual Training Labs!

By Moran Shayovitch |   Oct,06,2015

Meet Raphael Branger, the Chief Knowledge Officer at IT-Logix and a good man to know in the BI world.  Raphael is an active community member of the new Scrum Breakfast Club in Zurich (Switzerland), he is a member of the DisciplinedAgile Consortium, a contributor to the Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) and a committer on the International Business Communications Standard.  

On top of all of these (we're thinking, where does he have time for it all?!), he writes the blog: My Life as a BI Consultant.

Most importantly, (well at least for us folks at CloudShare) Raphael runs IT-Logix’s largest annual community event, the Business Objects Working Group (BOAK) in Zurich.  Raphael used CloudShare to deliver large, complex hands-on virtual IT training labs to attendees, before, during and after BOAK.


Due to these accomplishments, Raphael has been chosen to be CloudShare's October user-of-the-month.

Congratulations Raphael!


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Cloud Checklist: 10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing your Cloud Testing Lab Provider

By Moran Shayovitch |   Sep,29,2015

Business groups across the enterprise are competing for, or lack access to, IT lab resources customized for their specific objectives. For application development and software testing groups especially, access to IT resources and expertise is a major challenge. According to Gartner,* “through 2015, only 10% of I&O (Infrastructure & Operations) organizations will be able to deliver the speed of change required by the business processes they enable.”

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Inception: The Journey of Nested Virtualization

By Daniel Bakshi |   Sep,09,2015

One of the benefits of Nested virtualization is running multiple hypervisors on the same host server. This includes ESXi hypervisors , which can be installed as a virtual machines. The solution, commonly referred to as Nested ESXi, opens the door to a lot of interesting use cases such as development and testing, virtual training, or virtual sales demos.


Although the concept of Nested virtualization is not limited to VMware, it is by far the most popular hypervisor. For that reason I decided to focus my article on the VMware hypervisor.


In this article, I am going to answer some common questions, discuss performance and common use-cases, provide a short walkthrough on how to enable a Nested ESXi and provide a list of CloudShare’s preconfigured ESXi environments.


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How BrightStarr Drastically Reduced IT Overhead by Moving to the Cloud

By Moran Shayovitch |   Sep,03,2015


Amadeo Gallardo is a self-taught software developer and is currently the Director of Engineering and Consulting at Brighstarr Consulting. He works with many of the world’s most demanding enterprises – from Linklaters to Unisys to Siemens.

He is also a professional jazz musician and has performed in many well known venues including the Queen Victoria. If you're a fan of jazz (and even if you're not!) take a look at Amadeo's mesmerizing jazz concert clip :


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5 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Cloud Based Virtual Training Provider

By Moran Shayovitch |   Aug,26,2015


Times are changing; it's now a global economy. Your teams are scattered throughout the world, you have off-shore development teams in Asia, and employees are working remotely. It would be impossible to get all of these employees in one location for team-based training.


So you start searching for a cloud based training provider in order to shift your on-site training to a virtual classroom training solution. Soon you realize that the market is awash with numerous providers, which only makes you more confused on what is right for you and which provider best meets your needs.


Have no fear! For this exact reason we’ve compiled the below list of the top 5 factors you should consider when you’re out choosing your cloud based training provider:

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