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SharePoint 2013: What’s new in search in document libraries and lists

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Without a doubt, Search is one of the key investment areas in SharePoint 2013. From an architectural point of view and a foundation perspective, search in SharePoint 2013 includes a single search runtime that joins the best capabilities of FAST and Enterprise Search technologies. In this article, I will show you how easy and simple it is to find information in a document library and a list providing a great user experience when searching for information.

Take the following stepstest search in a document library:

  • First, we need a SharePoint 2013 Team site created in our CloudShare SharePoint 2013 environment. In my case, and for evaluation purposes, I will use a SharePoint Online site in Office 365.
  • Add some documents to the default document library. In my case I have added a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, and a PowerPoint presentation. Note the search box available on the top of the document library, which is the starting point for a rich user experience when searching documents.
  • This search box allows you to search documents in the library without having to leave it. Therefore, you do not need to use the general site search box and you will notbe redirected to your enterprise search page. Additionally, as a user you will not need to experiment with page reloads anymore.


  • Type “Test” as search criteria in the document library and click the search button. As you can see, the search is directly done at the document library scope. This means that the user is not redirected to any search center or search page. Additionally, there are not any page reloads.


  • Note also that once the search is done, there is an information message in the document library footing indicating that some results might be hidden in the search. If you click in the “hidden” hyperlink, you should see these additional results.


  • Just in case there are no hidden results, you can search the entire site by using the “entire site” link displayed once you have clicked the “hidden” one. In this case you’ll be redirected to the default search center configured at your farm:


  • Check the cool “preview” document functionality available in SharePoint 2013 search! As you can see in the above screenshot, you can see a preview of the document without having to open it. In order to have this preview capability, you need to install the required plug in or do the required configurations. For instance, you need to install and configure Office Web Apps in order to have the preview of Office documents.

And that’s all there is to know about what’s new in search in document libraries and lists in SharePoint 2013.

Happy CloudSharing!

About the author:
With more than 10 years of experience in the ICT sector, what best define me is the interest and knowledge of new technologies as a natural way for attending and solving customer problems and needs. My career in the TIC sector, and particularly in the .NET platform started in 2003, just after finishing my studies at the university, in the global worldwide consultancy company Accenture. There, I had the opportunity of working during 3 years in big national and international projects performing different task and roles: development of VB.NET applications, application test and deployment, management of small development teams and so on. In May 2006 I left Accenture and started a new adventure at the Microsoft Innovation Center in Cantabria (CIIN) as a Solutions Architect. In this new stage, I had the opportunity of knowing deeply a variety of Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint, Office 365, Windows Azure, Visual Studio, SQL Server Reporting Services, BizTalk, LINQ, Entity Framework, etc. At the CIIN I haved performed evangelism activities just around these technologies, and I have had the honor of belonging to one of the more specialized organizations in SharePoint in Spain. In October 2013 I joined LKS where I perform a Consultant and Solutions Architect role skilled in SharePoint and Office 365 platforms. My daily work in LKS is focused on providing SharePoint & Office 365 advice and consultancy, specialized training and evangelism in the different projects and LKS customers where I’m involved.

  • Owen

    How do I get this search box to appear in Sharepoint Foundation?

  • Dave

    How do I get this search box to appear in Sharepoint Foundation?

    • Juan Carlos González

      This post applies to SharePoint Server. I will review what happens in a SharePoint Foundation environment.
      Kind regards

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  • http://www.cloudappsportal.com/ Regina Ritter

    Thanks for sharing
    this information. I have just signed up for a free SharePoint site with

  • Grishka

    What kind of results are “hidden”? For my SPO tenant it’s quite a lot and I would like to include them in the first original search. I haven’t set any property I could remember to “hidden”.

  • SharePoint Angel

    In SharePoint 2013 when doing a search in the document lib, how can you just get the files to come up and not the folders? For Example, file “Sue Ford”. I want all the files name Sue Ford to come up but not the Folders named “Sue Ford.”

  • Angelica Silveira

    When you delete an item on SharePoint 2013 Community page, it reappears after a while. Why is that? and how can you prevent it?

  • Don

    I am having this issue as well, I need to allow end users to find results on the first pass. If I use the upper right site search I get results, it is when I use the list search that I get the message:

    Some items might be hidden. Include these in your search

    I click on the Include and still find nothing so I get the message:

    Still didn’t find it? Try searching the entire site.

    is there a way to ‘unhide’ the list items to be searchable the first pass?