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Site Collection Themes in SharePoint Server 2013

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Whether you are using SharePoint as your enterprise portal or company website, your clients and users pay a great attention to your website design. In my experience, one of the critical success factors for implementation of an Enterprise Portal is choosing the suitable design that will improve user experience.

Here is the default theme of SharePoint 2013. The good news are, your SharePoint site does not have to be Blue and White anymore!

SharePoint 2013 themes engine has completely changed. New themes are based on HTML, including support for HTML 5.

Here is a quick guide for changing a theme in your SharePoint 2013 site collection.

  • Open your SharePoint site and click on Settings ->Site Settings.


  • Click on Look and Feel -> Change the look.


  • Choose your theme from the Theme Gallery.

  • You can either customize your theme or use it as is by clicking on Try It Out.


  • If you prefer to customize your theme you are able to change Backgrounds, Colors, Fonts and Site layout. Click on Try It Out.

  • This is a preview your new theme, if you like it click on Yes, Keep it.

  •  Here are some more examples of new themes for SharePoint Server 2013.

Want to try more SharePoint 2013 themes? Grab this permalink Now!

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5 Comments on “Site Collection Themes in SharePoint Server 2013”

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  2. Kevin Bishop
    04/17/13, 11:28 am

    WOW. Thank you Lydia. Our new SharePoint 2013 is so blah. Almost makes me not want to use it. I’m going to forward this to the powers that be to see if we can spice things up a bit. Thank you!

  3. DH
    08/22/13, 12:19 pm

    Nice work

    12/09/13, 10:16 am

    Hi Lydia can you help me out in designing a basic share point template, will be very thankful to you for this favor…

  5. Regina Ritter
    05/14/14, 7:30 pm

    Thanks for this information. Helpful. I just signed up for a free SharePoint 2013 site with

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