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Step-By-Step Guide to Installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Server

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We get a lot of requests for templates that include Microsoft Dynamics stack. Recently, we published a new template containing Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management product. Dynamics CRM features help you to optimize your sales efforts, manage your marketing opportunities and improve your service. Dynamics CRM is user friendly, easy to customize and has great integration with Microsoft Outlook.

I’ve decided to document the installation process and as usual, you can save yourself some time by grabbing this permalink where I’ve already done the work!

Before you begin please read Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2011 hardware requirements and if you’re not installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM on a single server you should also read Microsoft SQL Server hardware requirements for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2011.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM server requires Active Directory and IIS server roles.
  • Create Service Accounts for SQL Server and Dynamics CRM services. Navigate to the Active Directory Users and Computers. Click on Start -> Administrative tools -> Active Directory users and computers.
  • Navigate to your Domain -> Users -> New -> User. Create the following user accounts:
    1. SQLSvc – SQL Server database engine account
    2. SSRS  - SQL Server Reporting Services account
    3. CRMAppSvc – CRM Application Service account
    4. CRMDepSvc – CRM deployment web Service account
    5. CRMSandboxSvc – CRM sandbox processing Service account
    6. CRMAPSvc – CRM Asynchronous Processing Service account. Important! You should also add this account to Performance Log Users group in Active Directory.


  • Install SQL Server 2008 R2/2012. Click on the Install file to open the SQL Server Installation Center. Click on the Installation option on the left side of the menu and then click on Install a new stand-alone SQL Server.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • SQL Server installation will check some Setup Support Rules. Make sure you take care of any warnings or issues before continuing with the setup process.
  • On the Setup Role screen, select the SQL Server Feature Installation option and click on Next.


  • Select the following features in the Feature Selection screen:
    1. Database Engine Services
    2. Reporting Services – Native
    3. SQL Server Management Studio


  • Specify a name for the Database Engine instance and the Instance ID, and click on Next.
  • Configure the service accounts that will be used to run each of the services. Use the accounts created earlier.


  • Specify the authentication mode and administrators for the Database Engine and click on Next. 


  • Choose to install and configure reporting services in native mode and click on Next.
  • Let the installation wizard run through the installation configuration rules and start the installation process.
  • SQL Server 2012 installation completed successfully!


  • Open Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Installation wizard and click on Install Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server.


  • Choose to get updates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and click on Next.

  • Uh – oh! I got the following error massage and could not proceed with the installation process.

  • I opened the log file to see more details and saw the following error massage:

10:04:50| Info| Installation of Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime failed. Exit code: 5100. Result: Asia

10:04:51| Error| Installation of one or more missing prerequisite components failed., Error, OK

  • The error occurred during an installation process both on Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012. As far as I know Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Runtime is already a part of my operating system so I decided to uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Runtime components and let Dynamics CRM installation wizard to install them for me.
  • Open Control Panel -> Add or remove programs and search for ‘Microsoft Visual C++‘. 
  • Uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ x64/86.


  • Now we can proceed with Dynamics CRM installation wizard.

  • The installation wizard will install the required components for Dynamics CRM server. Click on Install.

  • Select an installation location for Dynamics CRM server components.

  • Specify server roles that you would like to install, as we are installing Dynamics CRM on a single server I chose Full Server installation.

  • Choose to Create a new deployment and specify the name of your SQL server.

  • Select the OU in your Active Directory that will contain Microsoft Dynamics CRM system groups and click on Next.

  • Specify the service accounts for Dynamics CRM services, use the accounts you’ve created earlier for this purpose and click on Next.

  • Choose to create a new web site for Dynamics CRM web components and click on Next.

  • You may specify the e-mail router server name to use with CRM features, you don’t have to configure that during the installation process and you can get back to that later, click on Next.

  • Specify setting for your organization for Dynamics CRM.

  • Specify Reporting Services Server URL and click on Next.

  • The installation wizard will perform a system check, please review any errors or warnings before you continue with the installation process.

Great! Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server setup completed successfully! Start using Dynamics CRM’s features to serve your business goals better.

About the author:
As CloudShare’s Business Development Manager, Alex is the (super) everyman for CloudShare’s partners and customers. He moves between development, sales and operations to ensure that everything up in the cloud makes it down to earth. Alex earned a law degree from the UCLA School of Law and has experience building out early stage businesses in tech, specialty finance, and sports. A former professional baseball player, he spends some weekends playing catcher for the San Francisco Pelicans, one of two San Francisco franchises in the Bay Area's 1880's style baseball league.

  • PJ

    Nice post Lydia. well done.

    • Lydia Bronze

      Thank you!

  • Hamza Farooq

    I get the following msg… Setup stops before starting

    unsupported 16-bit Application

    E:CRMSetupServer.exe cannot start due to incompability with 64-bit versions of windows

    • Lydia Bronze

      Which version of OS are you installing it on? 64 or 32 bit?

      • Sam

        Hi Lydia,
        I have a question to you. Does CRM 2011 runs in Windows XP 32-bit version??

        • Lydia Bronze

          Hi Sam,

          CRM 2011 has to run on 64 bit Servers.

          For more details check out Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2011 software requirements

          • Arif Rahman

            Hi Lydia
            I’m setup CRM 2013 ( SQL 2012 SP1). its working but when i setup CRM report service extension , sql server not found instance

          • Sam

            Hi Kydia

            How to Add a user to user (CRMAPSvc ) Performance Log Users group in Active Directory.

      • Hamza Farooq

        windows server 2008 64Bit. The problem occurred in test environment in production time it went smooth :D sometimes its good to have that Uncertainty in Microsoft products.

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  • Toby

    Hey great post that helped me out!, just wondering im having trouble with CRM 2011 email router with server 2012, how did you get it working? thanks!

    • Lydia Bronze

      Hi Toby,

      Do you get any error messages?

  • lewis

    Hi, im creating a testing environment for crm. It’s my 1st time installing it and I’m slightly confused on which account i should use to install the sql server and crm server (both on different VM’s). I’ve read somewhere that the account used to run the services and the account you install crm itself on cant be the same. My first idea was to install everything logged in as the domain admin and run the services as domain admin aswell. would this be possible ? or would i have to install crm and sql as the local machine admin ?

    thnx in advance.

    • Lydia Bronze

      Hi Lewis,

      The installation process above was on a single server machine with Active directory on it. I installed CRM logged as the domain admin but still used the accounts below to run the CRM and SQL Server services.

      The best practice is creating the following user accounts:

      SQLSvc – SQL Server database engine account
      SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services account
      CRMAppSvc – CRM Application Service account
      CRMDepSvc – CRM deployment web Service account
      CRMSandboxSvc – CRM sandbox processing Service account
      CRMAPSvc – CRM Asynchronous Processing Service account

      Hope this helps!

  • Pramuk

    once services accounts are created for each of the services how do i set the spn’s for each those and get kerberos services tickets

  • Pete Magrath

    Great instructions, my team have just used these to install our first CRM test environment. Great work!

  • mkh

    great instructions

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  • MKO

    Hi Lydia ^^ I have a pb with the installation of CRM 2011 , I use windows server 2012 datacenter, the pb is that the setup crash alone after installing the needed software and it doesn’t show any error message !

    • Jamie B

      what you need to do is go under /Server/amd64/ and run SetupServer.exe.. the splash screen crashes for me on 2011 and 2013 on Windows Server 2012.

  • Matt


    Is SQL Server Replication really needed?


  • robin

    I getting Error When installinng,,,

  • Erez David

    Great post. There’s another great site with everything you need to know about CRM Installation

  • abbas

    really thanks

  • Shirsih

    Definately very helpful post. I have followed it step by step and got CRM 2011 dev environment set up and working.

    Lydia, I tried to find Dynamics CRM 2013 template but it’s not available yet. Would you guys be publishing the Dynamics CRM 2013 template any time soon ?

  • Morten Engvoldsen

    The installation failed on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server User Input because CRMAppSvc was not in the Performance Log Users group.

    After adding it to this group it all went smooth ;)

  • Alberto Mines

    Hi! You said that is important add an account to Performance Log Users group in Active Directory but option is locked. I use win server 2008 r2 and I can´t update to sp2…

  • Andre Guerrero

    good job lylia ,!! THANK YOU SO MUCH !

  • Saad

    very useful post. gives step step instructions even to a newbie

  • Code Rider

    Great and useful Article :)

  • Azzat

    Dear Lydia. I’m new to CRM. I’m want to install it on a test invironment. I’m using CRM workgroup server 2015 on Server 2012 R2. But I can only open CRM Deplyment manager. Do I need a sperate CRM software? Or I’m I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.