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Automate Training Workflows to Stamp Out Administrivia

Can I do it in CloudShare? Yes, you can!

As the demands on your technical training organization continue to grow, no doubt you are looking for new and effective ways to focus on delivering superior training – not on all the administrative tasks surrounding it. If only you could make your various productivity tools work together so that the daily “administrivia” could take care of itself...

Good news... you can!

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How to knock down your potential customers with a killer tech sales demo

Let's assume you're an awesome sales engineer! But is that enough to make a successful sales demo?

Let's face it-supercloudshare.jpg

You guys probably have the hardest job on the sales team. You have to have domain and product expertise, you need to attain sales and communication skills- in fact, you're the one in charge of representing the technical aspects of how your product solves specific customer problems.

In short? You're the rock star of sales meetings.

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Ready to see your Company on that Podium?

Learn how to turn your trainers into Olympic champions!


The trainer behind the athlete

Usually we see the athletes as the Olympics champions, and they rightfully deserve that title. But we so often leave behind their coaches, the ones training them for years on end to get them to accomplish their goals, withstand the pressure and eventually get on that podium and hear the applause.

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Sales Training Tips & Advices: Making it interesting

Make it interesting: Sales training at its best

It may be 2016, but "2001: A Space Odyssey" is still a distant possibility. There is no "Hal," no all-seeing technology that makes critical human thought nearly obsolete. Likewise, new technologies like cloud-computing may highly enhance corporate training, but they still can't play the role of strategic planning played by management.

Benefits of Cloud Computing - Summary of the Cloud in the General Market

Summary of the cloud in the general market

The Spartan lifestyle in barely-discovered territory depicted in "Little House of the Prairie" may be a thing of the distant past, but there are still pioneers to be found among us. Today, those pioneers are forging an expansion in technology rather than territory and this transformation is happening as quickly as the Louisiana Purchase.

Preparing Your Organization to Move to Online Training Systems

How to prepare your organization to move training to the cloud

You and your company are off on an adventure! On the horizon: The online training system that will cut costs and bring an unparalleled level of effective efficiency to the process through which employees are integrated into the workplace.

E-Learning Benefits - The Answer to Your Training Needs

The Answer to your Training Needs: Let them Learn Anywhere Anytime

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